Executive Share Suites
& Co Work Spaces

You Can Share.

Small businesses are a part of the thread of this nation. They make up a majority of Long Island’s market. As a small business we understand the capital overhead that is both essential to run a professional business but also redundant and sometimes overwhelming financially.

Small businesses must have private offices to run their business affairs confidentially however there are elements that would benefit from sharing with other organizations. Such elements could include reception, waiting areas, conference rooms, and possibly even staff services.

Understanding the need for private and communal elements, 14 Vanderventer Ave offers a range of different Executive Shared Suites that help businesses starting out to acquire only what they need and share the burden of the expenses of the elements that are only necessary on an occasional basis. This enables them to operate both professionally and cost effectively.

New businesses formerly working in coffee shops need a more professional environment to establish their business, yet as an entrepreneur the costs can be prohibitive. Our cowork space provides an environment where new businesses can grow, collaborate and not break the bank they don’t have yet in doing so.

The cowork space includes desks, wifi, conference area with a white board, and kitchenette. There will also be printing services available as well as additional storage options. Every package is catered to each entrepreneur’s specific needs.